This letter is to inform you that I will be attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with 

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) this coming February in Brisbane, Australia. This six month program is an 

intensive Christian training course that encompasses a 14 week lecture phase with a 10 week outreach 

to other countries. Throughout the course of the DTS, I will be encouraged in personal character growth, 

cultivating a deeper relationship with God, and identifying my unique individual gifts and callings in God. 

The theme of the DTS I am attending is sports, heath, and fitness. I will be learning to use these 

elements as a medium to reach people in various cultures and locations through their love of sports. 

Sports transcend culture, language, and religious beliefs, giving us the opportunity to build friendships 

and share the love of Jesus.

This new adventure is exciting and a bit scary for me. I would love your prayers for peace and 

safety as I start this next chapter of my life in a completely new place with completely new people.

Please pray for the Lord to make Himself known in amazing ways to all who attend the DTS, and to all 

the people we meet in the city and on outreach.

Now, as much as it is in my nature to hate asking for money, there are substantial expenses that 

need to be covered. Any monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. Your financial support 

will fulfill the cost of tuition and other necessary fees, such as air travel to Brisbane, visas, vaccinations, 

and air travel to our overseas outreach destination, plus personal costs such as laundry. Overall, I will be 

needing roughly $5,500. Your financial support would be a HUGE blessing, as would your prayerful 

support, of course!

Once I leave for this great adventure, I will most likely spend some time being homesick. The 

address at the top of this letter is my location from February through August – except when I’m on 

outreach. Feel free to send me a note or even a care package (I like chocolate!). I should be reachable 

through Facebook as well for at least the first 14 weeks before leaving for outreach. I’m sure I will miss 

you all – and spiders that aren’t the size of my hand!

Your prayerful and/or financial support will help prepare me to answer the call to “Go into all 

the world and disciple all nations” - Matthew 28:19. Thank you!

With much love and thanks,

Bethany Knapp