Gig Harbor 4² is all about living life together in Christ. 

We believe that we are at our best when we take hold of our calling as a community.



Worship is such an important part of being in relationship with God. It is through worship we give God the glory He is due. Through worship as a congregation we press into the presence of God as a unified group. We believe worship is a creative expression of love, praise and authentic relationship.

THe Word

We believe that the Bible is God's living Word. It was inspired by God and penned by man. At Gig Harbor 4² we study the Word and apply the scriptures to everyday life. We use the Word to test all things and to know the heart, will and calling of God.  


Relationship is key; it is the very reason Jesus died for every one of us. He not only wants to save us from sin and death, but He wants to spend each day dwelling inside each of us in relationship. Our relationships with one another are so important too. It is through relationship with each other that we learn how to have a greater relationship with Him.

Sunday service starts at 10:00am

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